You are an active or retired female farmer?
DFAM 03 The Departmental Federation of female agricultural development groups in Allier
needs your point of view!
You are invited to answer the survey enclosed in this mail to nourish its project.
« Woman’s place in farming.
Tell me who you are,D.F.A.M.will tell who we are ».

D.F.A.M.will tell who we are ».


Today, many female farmers wonder about their real place on the farm
, their job organisation, their job acknowledgement, or how the human relationships within their job are experienced.

DFAM 03 female farmers told they needed to think about the following topics:
how does it really work on farms?
How do female farmers consider their job?

Through its project “Woman’s place in farming. Tell me who you are, DFAM will tell you who we are”,
DFAM 03 wishes to carry out a survey among female farmers, in order to get answers to its questions.
These female farmers aim at getting information which will allow them to realize by themselves
a reality which exists but which is not necessarily broadcast through media.
They would also like to evaluate better and appreciate their own situation so that they can better position themselves
to improve both on the professional and personal levels.

Thanks to its partnership with MSA Auvergne or FNGEDA, DFAM 03 is sending to you the enclosed survey. It is sent to all the female farmers from the region, and also to female farmers who take part to agricultural development groups in other departments (Nièvre, Gironde, Creuse, Haute Vienne, Côte d’Or, Lot-et-Garonne).
irlande_mapDFAM 03 will also send it to female groups in Ireland, as they aim at making a discovery trip in Ireland.

DFAM 03 cannot make this project come true without you!
You most probably have many testimonies to tell.

Your answers will allow to: make a written report, available for everyone, which will present the collected pieces of information, fuel a round table conference which will take place in Allier in 2010, fuel female farmers’ thinking, in order to help them feel better in their job, thanks to sharing and exchange.

To answer the survey, you have several alternatives :
1 / fill in the enclosed copy manually and send it back toD.F.A.M.03 Michèle Debord10 Seignat Grobost 03420
 FRANCE Tel 00 33 4 70 51 73 80
2/ type it directly on the internet, through logging in the following link:

« La place de la femme en agriculture. Dis-moi qui tu es, DFAM te dira qui nous sommes »
3/ Visit the DFAM 03 blog: http://fdgeda03allier.canalblog.com  on which you can download the survey by clicking on the article called Woman_s_place_in_farming"Tell me who you are, D.F.A.M. will tell who we are"
Then you can send the survey back per mail to

We thank you in advance for the time you will devote for us through answering this survey.
Your answers are expected within March 31th 2009.

DFAM 03 (Développement Féminin Agricole Moderne de l’Allier) is a departmental association for the agricultural development. It includes eight women’s groups for agricultural development.
The association aims at setting up all the activities and actions allowing to improve rural families’ living conditions by helping its members to evolve in their professional, social and cultural environment, and to get aware of society issues. DFAM 03 has notably set itself the mission to improve woman’s image in agriculture, to contribute to woman’s well-being, and to promote mutual experience exchanges between its members.

You feel like joining us? You would like to discover our project more precisely?
We will welcome you with pleasure! Go and visit our blog: http://fdgeda03allier.canalblog.comOr contact us at:

D.F.A.M.03 Michèle Debord (president of DFAM 03)10 Seignat – Grobost 03420 SAINTE THERENCE Tel 00 33 4 70 51 73 80 michele.debord@club-internet.fr

See you soon!